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About NetCare365

  • We are experts in taking all the stress out of migrating your email and your data across to Office365.
  • And if you’re already on Office365, we provide free monthly Ask the Expert webinars and free advice on SharePoint apps to help you get more business value out of your Office365 subscription.

  • Why Choose Us?

    • We are experts at migrating organisations - large and small - to Office365 with NO DOWNTIME.
    • Your migration project will be done for a GUARANTEED fixed price service and no hidden extras.
    • You have ongoing access to our Office 365 EXPERTS - on an as-required basis, or via a monthly support plan.
    • You receive  invites to our regular FREE Ask The Expert webinars.
    • You receive ongoing free advice on featured SHAREPOINT apps and how they can help improve your business.

    NetCare365 Opinion on moving to the Cloud

    • Our business strategy involves offering migration, support and consulting services based upon the most dominant cloud based platform in the world - Office365. We are thus enthusiastic about the benefits of running cloud-based applications. Having said that it's important to be aware of some limitations and restrictions that still exist in 2015:
    • You must have a high speed internet connection – unless you have less than (say) 6 computer users at your site, legacy ADSL connections are not good enough to give you and your team a satisfactory working experience. Delays in refreshing pages, downloading files and even using your keyboard will quickly become painful and productivity sapping.
    • The best solution for most businesses is a hybrid environment of hosted cloud solutions alongside existing software that continues to run on your on-premise servers. The reality is that in most cases you are not able to run all your applications in the cloud at this time. The day is coming but for now, too many applications are designed on software that must be installed on a server. The most common example of this is the accounting system (sometimes called an ERP system) that many businesses run.
    • What the cloud typically allows is the scaling down of what is needed on-premises. As you migrate application by application across to the cloud, the performance load and data storage requirements of your existing server or servers lessen as well. In our experience this means you can steradily reduce the number of servers you require and that your existing server will last longer. An added bonus is that your eventual new server will cost significantly less to purchase, to install and to maintain.
    • If your business migrates to Office365 and you are also using a cloud based accounting solution (for example MYOB or Xero), it may well be possible to decommission and remove your existing server forever.
    • True cloud based applications operate across all the common operating system platforms – specifically including Apple devices as well as Windows devices. This is because they run in the browser of your choice - for example Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

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